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A Beginning

Sign tour lovely 001.JPGNarcissus.jpg6217432221 3fc6462163.jpgRicky.jpg "We fail to understand why we should have to pay the cost of the crisis, while its instigators continue to post record profits. We're sick and tired of one injustice after another.Ign tour 009.JPG This isn't the kind of world we want to live in, We know we can change it and we are having a great time going about it." Spanish IndignadosThe sign tour 022.JPG All is well. The bank i was at this morning was robbed and i was unable to withdraw money. At the border I was turned back so have hired a boat to take the sign stateside. 014.JPG Without problems what would a life be?


I lose contact with the captain of the ship as the west coast is swamped in fog. If the sign goes over board the salt water will ruin her make up and though she can swim she doesn't like to get wet. I leave in darkness and cross the border via an old logging road at dawn.Sign tour 007.JPG The trip is treacherous but the pine beetle infested forest provides cover as i emerge on the I-5 just past Bellingham. At speed I race to Seattle but the the captain fails to show at the appointed time...i spend the afternoon staring forlornly out to sea.

Sign tour 012.JPG

In the evening i walk the shore line for hours looking for any sign of the ship. Finally exhausted i rent a cheap motel room and fall asleep. I dream of rocks, waves and splintered plywood. As night turns to day i hear a soft knock. I open the door and the sign slurs "Good morning." The sign tour 003.JPG

I say, "Where the hell were you? I was worried sick." He explains woozily the ship arrived early and with time to kill he and the Captain went for a beer. Here he met an exotic Brazilian Cherry hardwood and one thing led to another. I scream, "You could have called!" I run into the bathroom, slam the door and sit on the toilet sobbing. After a good cry i go to see the sign but am horrified to see her smoking my cigarettes and drinking my beer.

The sign tour 001.JPG

I am flooded with tears and retreat once again to the can. After what seems like an eternity I open the door a crack and see the sign fast asleep on my side of the bed. The sign tour 002.JPG I feel disrespected, used and start sobbing loudly. The sign knocks, knocks knocks. I open the door and the sign says, "Don't cry. The captain took some good shots and you can use them for your stupid wiki sign tour page." I slam the door in the signs face but deep down i can hardly wait to see the pictures. Even though she can be an asshole i still love her. Sign tour 016.JPGSign tour 027.JPG Sign tour 021.JPGSign tour 040.JPG

Occupy the World!!! The sign tells his friend capitalism ain't going nowhere and in fact has no end game. Portland we're coming! The sign tour 005.JPG


On the ride the sign is hungover and mercifully quiet as we listen to the National Public Radio announce the US troops have left Iraq. Over 4500 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's have been killed and over a million displaced. The war has destroyed that country and cost the American people over 850 billion dollars. But i love Portland and have a friends in the music and muscle business there. I call the record company to discuss the release of my new album and i call the muscle for vengeance. The sign is listening and says, "You wouldn't do that.". When we get to the music office the sign sweet talks his way in to a record deal and for some reason my contract is put on hold.The sign tour 006.JPG I'm furious.

Under my breath I whisper "It's not all about u!" The sign just shrugs and keeps talking royalties. I grab her roughly and throw her into the back of the truck. I call muscles and drive like a madman through downtown Portland. We somehow make it to the park without despair. I yell, "You're gonna get it." and drag the sign..."Muscle" goes to work. The sign tour 014.JPGThe sign tour 019.JPGThe sign tour 018.JPGThe sign tour 016.JPG The sign begs for mercy and when i ask, "Are you ready to work?" He yells, "Occupy Portland!" The sign tour 032.JPGThe sign tour 030.JPGThe sign tour 010.JPGThe sign tour 021.JPG The sign tour 026.JPGThe sign tour 028.JPG The rally is a great success, the library signs out way too many books, the stamp is a hit and Portland is solid. I hook up with the cool cats and the sign does an interview with a local community radio station.The sign tour 027.JPG The sign is on side, the police are running and Frisco/Oakland we're coming... The sign tour 009.JPG

San Fran

On the I-5, the sign and table quietly chat as cars, trucks, RV’s, semi’s and the occasional motorcycle pass us by AS THE PLANET BURNS...Why are we in the Middle East again? The sign postulates humanities need to conquer starts with death…while the table comments people are now worried there will be no social network or running water in heaven…or perhaps many dare not consider the inevitable...I take the next exit and the the sign complains in a nasally voice, “I like the high way. ” I ignore her absorbing the desert like terrain, the lived in homes and sturdy fences. The sign annoyingly pipes up again, "You should take a picture of me." I am incredulous but stop none the less.Sign tour 003.JPG I ask the table to join us and she replies, “What is best...cannot be said". I reply, "We don't want you to talk we just want a picture". He stares quizzically. We travel into the foothills, Sign tour 002.JPG and encounter an enlightened master. We end the day pushing books in a small town in the middle of nowhere... Sign tour 008.JPGThe sun never sets on empire. We sleep in a wheat field and in the morning continue...

In San Fran Sign tour 028.JPGa pig head is on a stick and Ign tour 016.JPG Goofy is bleeding. Ign tour 001.JPGthe sign is the toast of the town...beautiful people, regular people, working people, store people, Occupiers...even the graffiti wants a piece of the magic.The sign tour 023.JPGIgn tour 008.JPGThe sign tour 042.JPGSan fran occupiers.JPGTour sign.JPG It is only when we hear the the 'po po' announce "No signs on the Bridge” do we relent but of course we take a picture. Ign tour 005.JPG We've been in town a few hours and the sign is having the time of his life.I call some San Fran Occupiers (SFO's) and arrange a meeting at the Starbucks where the Occupation took place. But when we're about to leave the sign says she is not coming...i am slightly relieved but none the less express concern. She says not to worry she just needs to catch up on her sleep...but when i arrive at the corporate coffee shop he is thereIgn tour 015.JPG high fiving passer bys "I thought you weren't coming." He replies, "You thought wrong." I am stunned by his insensitivty and leave in a huff...hit the street; bullshit and play chess with the fellas. This guy beats me badly by pushing the pawnsIgn tour 014.JPG. In a comedy club i yell, "Wake up America...Wake up! I'm from Canada The sign tour 033.JPG and I've got healthcare." The room is quiet. Occupy the Streets! hey!hey! only next day pictures!


I call Oakland, they say it's on hold til 2012 and that we should come in the New Year.The sign tour 015.JPG A San Fran Occupier, with a broken leg, is heading to San Diego to help and i give him a ride. He lived at the encampment and i tell him of our Vancouver experience. He's well versed in the inequalities of the system, hooked into the internet, and active. He was arrested 5 times and i encourage him to make his court appearances. In a rare act of kindness the sign jumps in the back to hold down my fellow travelers crutches. "We cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet" is said on our eight hour journey. We discuss nuclear power, dirty oil and traction. He likes the mobile library Ign tour 007.JPGand i drop him off at the LA train station. La sign tour 001.JPG I get a room downtown... and learn in exchange for leaving city hall the Occupiers negotiated a hippo from the city zoo which has been under reported.La sign tour 005.JPG The sign says they are barbecuing it on xmas and feeding the homeless which is a small victory for the Occupy movement but i'm not sure about that... of course she loves LA. The Occupation site is well treedLa sign tour 021.JPGLa sign tour 012.JPG but now it is defensively fenced with mesh, concrete and a less lovely sign threatens punishment...the commons is now entwined. As per usual the sign poses with the enforcement bylaw ...La sign tour 019.JPG and the MSM La sign tour 023.JPG Our supply of books is running low but fortunately we findLa sign tour 032.JPG a final soldier in the near total infantilization of civilization. Put in a poem La sign tour 030.JPG and we load upLa sign tour 031.JPG read a a a book! everyone!!!The sign tour now.JPG

Las Vegas

In the golden dawn we cruise nowhere...but leave LA early, around noon, to avoid traffic. The sign is monologuing the moonscape called Alberta and dirty oil...distracted we almost run out of gas but amazingly there is a station...Sign tour lv 001.JPGwe arrive in Vegas and the sign gets a picture with his hero. Las vegeas day one 058.JPGThough progressive liberals argue differently...this city makes no claims ...Sign tour death valley 010.JPGa full on assault of the senses,Las vegeas day one 029.JPG In my home away from homesLas vegeas day one 056.JPGthe Occupiers Protest, hardrock, day 2 076.JPGLas vegeas day one 038.JPGLas vegeas day one 036.JPGare still Occupying...,Las vegeas day one 006.JPG close to good music Las vegeas day one 008.JPGand money.

Las vegeas day one 023.JPG The sign goes back to work Las vegeas day one 040.JPG chats with the peopleLas vegeas day one 031.JPG pretends to wash dishesLas vegeas day one 032.JPGLas vegeas day one 005.JPGand wants to organize.

Protest, hardrock, day 2 038.JPGHey Hey! My! My! Rock n' Roll will never die... Protest, hardrock, day 2 060.JPGOccupy!!! Occupy!!! Occupy!!!


We take a few days off and the sign goes on a bender Sign tour death valley 014.JPGcavorts with a sign of ill repute...Sign tour death valley 007.JPGis jailed and bailed Sign tour death valley 022.JPGand finally retires to the desert. Sign tour death valley 038 original.jpg Thank you for's been a privilege and a pleasure.


Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler The Devils by Fydor Dostoyevsky We are Eternal by Robert Brown The Media Monopoly by Ben Ho Bagdikian Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw The Forty year war by Len Coloday and Tom Shachtman Peopleware…Productive Projects and Teams by Tom Demarco and Timothy Lister Discover Your Pat Lives; Succeed in This one by Allan Forster Tweaked; A Crystal Meth Memoir by Partrick Moore Beyond the White House; Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, Building Hope by Jimmy Carter Orlando by Virginia Wolf Basic Writings of Nietzsche translation by Walter Kaufman Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Moshin Hamid Sex, Art and American Culture by Camille Paglia The War Within; A Secret White House History by Bob Woodward Behind the Steam; The Inside Story of the Gastown Clock by Daryl R. Stennett Bo Bo’s in Paradise; The New Upper Class and How They Got There by David Brooks The Los Angelis Diaries; A Memoir by James Brown Horse’s Neck by Pete Townsend Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey The Chosen by Chaim Potok Everything but Money by Sam Levenson What Madness Brought Me Here by Colleen J. McElroy Revolt; Howe to Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Programs by Dick Morris and Eileen Mc Gann My Father’s Secret war by Lucinda Franks Freedom or Death by Kazantzakis Living In End Times by Slavoj Zizek Political Science and Introduction by Cord, Medeiros, Jones, Ruskin The Game by Neil Strauss Winston Churchill; The Struggle for Survival 1940-1965 by Lord Morgan Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell Packing for Mars by Mary Roach A Civil Action by Jonathon Harr Anger Boundaries and Safety by Joann Peterson Against the Wall; The Art of Resistance compiled William Parry The Poem; A Critical Anthology edited by Josephine Miles The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings by Oscar Wilde The Liberal Tradition in America by Louis Hartz Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion and the Posthumous Essays by David Hume Descartes Meditations; an Introduction by Catherine Wilson Selected Works; Volume IV by Mao Tse-Tung Liebiz by Nicholas Jolley Listening to Jazz by Jerry Coker This Changes Everything; Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement edited by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of Yes! Magazine

  • Picture of Hand Screaming by Mehrad Azemun

A special thanks to the sign, the van city encampment and to the people who participated in these pages. Everything is fine. Change everything 001.JPG