Rights of Man, Common Sense and other political writings

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thomaspainereturns.netThese are the times that try men's souls. This short motto has eoechd for centuries. It gave strength to American patriots in 1776 as it propelled them to liberty. This motto is alive and just as appropriate today as it was at the beginning of the Revolution. Freedom was won, but corruption soon crept in. What was once a proud banner now often strikes terror in the hearts of people. Have people become too complacent with modern living? Have people forgotten the tyranny of subjugation to a king? Have people forgotten the horrors of slavery? Will they wake up before it is too late? When the new nation was a toddler, it took on a national bank. Jefferson caused that bank to be closed down, but others kept bringing it back. Today, the national bank is called the Federal Reserve. It should never have existed centuries ago, and it certainly should not exist today. The present world economic crisis can be traced right to the Federal Reserve. So many nations are linked to the American economy that they are now victims of the Federal Reserve's manipulation. Most people mistakenly think that the Federal Reserve is a government bank. If it were, then all the interest it earns would be ploughed back into the American system, hence the national debt would be zero. That is, the Americans would only owe the interest to themselves. However, the interest is collected by individuals and groups. Those who own the Federal Reserve Bank collect the interest for themselves, and make themselves extremely wealthy at the expense of American taxpayers. The Federal Reserve charges interest on every dollar in existence, whether paper or otherwise. The owners rake off this interest. Many banks have failed, are failing or will soon fail in America. They are failing because the Federal Reserve has become so greedy that banks can barely operate in the environment. The Federal Reserve takes almost all the profits from the banking industry and only provides scraps to its subservient banks. The banks have to scrape and maul their customers to survive in this critical time. So, the banks become ruthless. Nobody cares for the banks because they are ruthless. Further, many of the banks have turned to unlawful activities just to stay afloat. The cause of all this disarray is the Federal Reserve. Shut the Federal Reserve down tomorrow and things will begin to improve. Ban any national banks, and it will be a long-term solution. The small group of people who are taking all the interest from the Federal Reserve should be charged and tried for their horrible crimes against all the people in the world. Not only is America affected, but the entire world is being fleeced by the Federal Reserve, because the whole world is impacted by American commerce and banking. In these times that try men's souls, those without souls need to be tried and convicted. They are the culprits. They are the criminals. They are the evil slave masters. W.B.W. (White Buffalo Woman) Light-RiderSeptember 24, 2008