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Good, you're still here — so let's get into it.

Ok Ok

social justice,

climate justice

economic justice

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1-2-3 but as we all know it all starts with the economy

but social and climate justice are a way in

First We Take Las Vegas

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Capitalism is a system invented by me

Where greed, hypocrisy and war are foundational

I also invented the internet. I am an asocial

asexual white man who is pasty but every body loves me.

Sounds like Eminem

To my comrades, male and female

                        And everyone else in between 
                              Who fell,   And picked themselves up,
                                 Licked their wounds,                                                                                          
                                    Cultivated their laughter,'
                                          Preserved their gaiety, 
                                               And carried on regardless.
                                                                                        Historical Branches


Then We Lock Him Up

And Finally Learn How to Die

Warriors Come Out and Play Extinction Rebellions Having a Good Time




 Break it over their backs              

Historical Branches

The Sign Tour

         TO CARRY OUT           WHAT SPIRIT           DEMANDS OF THEM 
         AND WHAT THIS AGE       WOULD LIKE TO MAKE             IMPOSSIBLE??? 
                      The "new barbarians" will shake the very foundations of the empire 
                           With a creativity of a new society in the makings. 
                               We are the new historical subjects                                                                             
                     Now emerging side by side with those 
                  Who in the bowels  of the existing society                                                                 
             Mobilize and struggle for a different social order

http://workingcopy.com/mw/index.php/A_Week_of_Year_in_Song [[1]]

Harper No More The Sign Tour Third Wave

Poverty, Racism and Militarism https://yvesengler.com/

                 Poetry  The Sign Tour           Gaza   Boots Riley
                       BOOK ALERT: Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire