Maya Angelou: Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now

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Barack-obama-maya-angelou-2011-2-15-14-50-59.jpgIn this short book the iconic writer Maya Angelou soulfully examines her life as a waitress, singer, actress, dancer, activist,editor, filmmaker, writer, mother and now inaugral poet by pointing to the simple reasoning of humanity.

There is no abstract theory only clean observations of a lived life.

"Women should be tough, tender, laugh as much as possible and live long lives. The struggle for equality continues unabated, and the woman warrior who is armed with wit and courage will be among the first to celebrate victory."

"Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry and die it can introduce the idea that if we try to understand each other, we may even become friends."

"Each of us has the right and responsibility to assess the roads which lie ahead, and oiver those which we have traveled, and if the future road looms ominous or unpromising, and the roads back uninviting, then we need to gather our resolve and, carrying only neccesary baggage, step off that road into another direction. If the new choice is also unpalatable, without embarssment, we must be ready to change that as well."

"Content is of great importance but we must not underrate the value of style."

"We need to have the courage to say obesity is not funny, vulgarity is not amusing, insolent children and submissive parents are not the charactors we want to admire and emulate. Flippancy and sarcasm are not the only ways in which conversations can be conducted."

"I find surcease from the entanglement of questions only when i concede that I am not obliged to know everything."

"Living life as art requires a readiness to forgive."

A lovely book and a welcome addition to our collection. The more good decent people the better...