Homo Deus

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By Israeli Yuval Noah Harari

Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow

 baskically in this vein...

Why things are getting better

While glossing over

Nuclear war and a Burning planet.

He argues for the end of human kind

And the ascent of machines...

Again Francis Fukyama end of history

Data-ism and processing power...

I feel kike

Man against the machine

Why war is obsolete

And why you are more likely

To commit suicide

Than be killed in conflict.

In 2012 he writes 56 million died,

620,000 due to human violence,

War only killed 120,000,

Crime 500,000

800,000 people

Committed suicide

1.5 million died from diabetes.

As he cutely says

"Sugar is now more dangerous than gun powder."

Sounds like he's lying.

Famine is disappearing

Yu are more likely to die

From obesity than hunger

Equality is out and immortality is in.

Death is just a technical problem

which is good for those damm elites

           Now who are the elites? Those cats with money. Next question.

Why do the rich strive to live forever?

Because they live good lives

And nothing else to do

But prove their goodhood.

Good thing the lovely library is peaceful

Other wise we'd have billionaire hunting parties

Just for fun...aw c'mon violence begets violence.

                                                                  lol font size bigger

"What does the future hold?"

"This is the next step in evolution."

"This is homo deus."

So he begins,

war famine and plagues are being curtailed

which is good for human production.