Extinction Rebellion

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An Affinity Group for Doctors must be handled carefully

as they are still one profession that is still held

in high regard by the general public in this age of cynicism.

They are healers and in order for some thing to be healed it needs to be human.

Machines are fixed.

Humans are healed; implying some kind of metaphysical essence.

Now of course this revolution is fought on screens and in the wires.

That is where it is safe and the digitalized culture is everywhere.

Once again the indigenous have taken the lead, brave and unafraid of jail.

Those of us with privilege have been softened

by capitalism excess have many luxuries to lose.

Or it could be said differently

we are too selfish as that has been the norm

for as long as i have ever lived.

I grew up in a nuclear family and not community.

I think maybe as far as my family

and have no experience broadening my reach to humanity.

Many cultures never had a word for possession and often it came up with theft.

Unfortunately you do not get to keep what was never was yours to begin with.

This body and this life make possession seem just a tad on the ridiculous side.

But of course when material assests are being threatened

the full force of the state will be unleashed.

If this happens the lines between those with property and those without will be drawn.

This will happen sooner than later.

And Richmond is redneck as far as it goes, a low percentage of renters.

So this system is open what ever that means not hierarchical.

So to get numbers we need to make as many person to person contacts as possible

as this gets people past online noise.

This included telephones, flyering, doorknocking, tabling, house meetings, open spaces, cultural events, parties, poetry readings, etc etc...

Once names have been collected the rebels need to get trained

in the DNA of Extinction Rebellion.

Now the gangs are holding the rail lines.

Ultimately the climate crisis will separate

the have's from the have nots.

Eventually this will lead to military suppression and surveillance.

Many would argue we live in that now

but it can quit easily be ratched up

a knot or two

Jullian Assange being psychologically tortured

for speaking truth to power,

Chelsea Manning like wise.

This is what happens when you speak the climate truth to those who profit from a high carbon economy.

Some how BP owns fossil fuels in the earth in canada made by millions of years of decomposition,

some law some where says they have the right to this natural bounty

this is a man made law and not a natural one.

For instance the temperature water becomes solid is not a man made law.

I'm sure we can all think of examples from nature.