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This classic underdog story will make even the most stout hearted grizzly man weep open and freely.

Brief Interview with John Holloway

Interesting interview on the revolutionary culture that has developed in Latin America in the last decades (with scholar and author John Holloway).

The Oka Crisis

I feel it necessary and appropriate, in light of the recent pipeline negotiations, to honor the 20th anniversary of the Oka Crisis in Quebec, and to draw attention to the fact that colonialism is not our historical legacy, but a continuing process in Canada. I’d like to recommend the following documentary on The Oka Crisis. If you can’t commit to the time to watching it, or if you’d like more background, you can learn more on Wikipedia

An interview with Chris Hedges (CSPAN) (2012)

A wonderful interview featuring author and activist Chris Hedges!


The Crisis of Capitalism

Highly enjoyable, dense analysis of the financial crisis.

Trudell (2005)

Occupying territory and fighting for environmental justice in the American Indian Movement

The Trap (2007)

By Adam Curtis (In three parts) The BBC's brief history of Neoliberalism