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Derek Jensen

Describes his latest novel to be released soon:

The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad

The six women of the Knitting Circle meet every week to talk, eat cake, and make fabulous sweaters. Until the night they realize that they’ve all survived rape­and that not one of their assailants has suffered a single consequence. Enough is enough. The Knitting Circle declares open season on rapists, with no licenses and no bag limits. With needles as their weapons, their retribution begins.

A cop is stabbed through a doughnut hole and into his heart. A country-western singer is found with knitting needles jammed into both ears and his no-means-yes hit song playing. A pedophile priest is killed in the sacristy. As the bodies pile up, so do the official explanations­all giving men the credit. So the Knitting Circle takes its message directly to the public: “Stop rape or face the wrath of the Knitting Circle.”

Soon, perpetrators begin to shudder at the sight of business women with knitted briefcases, students with knitted backpacks, roller derby queens with knitted kneepads. They also push back, as organizations of men issue statements against the Knitting Circle. Most sinister is MAWAR (Men Against Women Against Rape), with their Bible Scrabble and their beefcake Jesus calendar ­and a plot to stop the Knitting Circle.

Will the Knitting Circle triumph? Or will Officer Flint learn to knit in time to infiltrate it? Will Nick the male ally brave Daisy’s Craft Barn to secure more weapons for the women? Will Circle member Jasmine find true love with MAWAR’s Zebadiah? The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad is a novel both darkly comic and deadly serious, a genre of one where Monty Python meets Valerie Solanas.