And Finally Learn How to Die

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Learning to Die Wisdom in the Age of Climate Crisis by Robert Bringhurst and Jan Zwicky

This small little book tells it like it is.

The end is nigh and humans are responsible.

Well at least it is human caused and this is the first time

in history that one species has wrecked it for all the other ones.

Hooray humans.

In the second story or essay or whatever these are;

Jan Zwicky argues that like Socrates who has received word

that his boat from Deloas has been spotted on the horizon and his death is imminent

making a direct comparison to the

looming climate catastrophe which is soon upon us.

Let us not quibble about details

but all of the major metrics

indicating the canary in the coalmine are in decline.

From bees to birds

From ice melt to soil

Things ain't getting any better

Unless your a capitalist

Instead of slowing down

we speed up

polluting already

polluted skies.

Even cats writing for the New York Review of Books state,

"Many are surprised to learn the science of green house gases i uncontroversial"

Or the Economist a bastion of free market capitalism writing

that projected demand for oil over the next two decades

would raise the temperature by 5 degrees.

Not believing in climate change is like not believing you have a nose

and no amount of evidence is going to convince you

We call it will full denial in Alberta

and when their not getting syphilis,

they are getting treated.

And praying for more pipelines

Because a climate emergency

Is a pay cut for them

So best to ignore the obvious.

After all the Trumpster as that scum bag Mulroney calls him

Also believes climate change is a hoax and is dismantling the EPA.

Scroll on scroll on.

As an ex friend flies to Russia to look fr love

Another one eats meat without regret or conscience

Nothing could be more important than that.

If you can't control them with whip and chains

Then control them with money.

A little sprinkle of awareness is good

Sophia wisdom- skill in practical tasks-

awareness that one did not know --humility

sophrosune temperance or moderation self control

andreia manly spirit or courage

dikaisome justice

hosiotes piety piety (n.) "mercy, tenderness, pity,"

from Old French piete "piety, faith; pity, compassion"

from Latin pietatem (nominative pietas)

"dutiful conduct, sense of duty; religiousness,

piety; loyalty, patriotism; faithfulness to natural ties,"

in Late Latin "gentleness, kindness, pity;" from pius "kind"

"In order to understand this poetics of the oppressed one must keep in mind its

main objective: to change the people –

‘spectators’, passive beings in the theatrical

phenomenon – into subjects, into actors, transformers of the dramatic action."

(Boal 2008, 97)

Finally, it's interesting to note that the SI recognized that they were not the only

contemporary avant-garde with an interest in creating playful situations towards

revolutionary ends. They made occasional passing reference to other work being done in

this area, particularly the 'happenings' in the artistic avant-garde in New York, but

claimed that those were situations based on poverty (of material, of humanity, of

philosophy) while those of the SI must be based on "material and spiritual richness"