There is No Cancer

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On the street you stand behind your words and if you are talking out your ass, as Hedges receive the appropriate response.

The Occupiers were evicted because they were non violent is Hedge's claim...which is wrong. They were evicted because they were supposedly in violation of city by laws...which had nothing to do with anarchists who Hedges feels are ruining the moment...

These poor mythical anarchists are alive on the Internet, (where anyone can say anything) and in people' minds...

they are not cancerous and they are not a group as Hedges describe.

In my experience (I spent every day at Occupy Vancouver) only self proclaimed spokespeople of the Occupy movement and the authorities even bother mentioning them by name.

Lately there was violence in progressive peace abiding Vancouver (a few young people indulged in mob mentality, breaking windows, yelling, “Fuck the police,” looting and even flipping a car or two) but this was a sports riot not Occupy.

But like Hedges the MSM professed... a few bad apples, were ruining it for everyone.

Then the truth came out (via hundreds of photos from snitches) the perpetrators were mostly young people from middle class homes looking for a good time and possibly venting some frustration at the shitty life ahead of them.

Hedges says they are opposed to the organized left (no evidence), the Zapistas (because of an article published in an obscure anti civilization magazine by someone called “Venomous Butterfly) and every thing else but themselves.


In Vancouver by the end of the first week of camping the white liberals were thinning out as more street people were showing up ( a crack head that needs a hit is dangerous, a medicated person off their medication is unpredictable, a guy just out of jail is volatile, a drunk person can do anything etc etc etc.) and they didn’t feel safe...i.e. they wanted more security or more normalcy as some Focultians are likey to say.

(Do Palestinian feel safe? Iraqis? serious activists? but here...if we don't feel safe watch out or we'll go home...)

The young liberals decided to social network otherwise known as slacktavism (from the comfort of their homes or coffee houses or the well fortified media tent) and no one is sure of the benefit.

In the two cities, where the most people showed up, New York and Oakland, Hedges pontificate the vandals were causing the commotion and dismay. My goodness people got arrested.

Oakland has been at odds with its police force for a long, long time…and New York is New York (can you say vanguard) but perhaps that is beside his point.

Personally I visited Occupies up the West Coast and I did not hear anyone had infiltrated the movement...of course there were problems.

Once the camps were closed people were scrambling...their home base was gone.

Perhaps Hedges can help instead of following the state line "a violent element has infiltrated the movement" or looking to straw men to announce Occupies cancerous demise.

Who after all is he writing this article for...?

-if there is a violent, anti-authoritarian non hierarchical group...they won’t listen,

-the white liberals are flat lined.

-people in the lower socio-economic realities see more violence...daily and are not concerned.

-the street people don’t know or care who he is.

More gibberish for his intellectual ghetto is all i can surmise.

Not to worry

there is no cancer

Occupy is fine.