The Uprooted: The Epic Story of the great Migration that mad the American people

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--This book by Oscar Handalin which won the Pulitzer Prize for History is a rare combination of powerful feelings and long time study that gives us a shape and the feel of things rather than just the facts; the hopes and the yearning of the emigrants to chance the hazards of the New World; the imprint they made upon the world and how they, in turn, were affected by it and were changed. This edition is enlarged by a supplemental chapter and brilliant bibliographic essay by the author bringing up to date his thinking and research on the “Uprooted America” adding further distinction to a work that is already a classic. As the New York Times book review states, “A high drama in the lives of 35,000,000 men and women, in an epic of uprooted souls. Handalin has not omitted the historical background, the forces movements, and dates, but beyond that he has charged his pages with poetry and feeling. The uprooted is history with a difference-the difference being its concern with men’s hearts and souls no less than an event .”

I’m on a ferry and the sun is shining on Valentine’s Day.