The Politics & Poetics of Transgression

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"In this ambitious and thought provoking book White and Stallybrass provides us with a model of work at the intersection of cultural criticism and social history. Not only is it illuminating as an analysis of written and lived texts in the past, it is also provides some basis for rethinking a politics of sociocultural transformation in the present."

Cornell university

Applying the insight of Mikhail Bakhtin and recent frenetic critical theorists to the concepts of hierarchies in western society. The authors explore the symbolic polarities of the exalted and the base. High and low discourse is compared in a variety of domains and discover that in every case the polarities structure depend upon each other and in, certain instances interpenetrate to produce political change.

If a transgression happen within the any of the following domains: psychic, the human body, geographic space, or social order--waves will happen in the other three.

This wide ranging book draw largely on Bakhtins notion of the carnival and map out hierarchies in both literature and cultural theory.

This is the key to transformation. Let me know when it's time.