Sleeping in the Library

From People's Library of Occupied Vancouver
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"Brother i am ready for sleep"

I would tell the guys

"Last game"

and when they were done

Ricky would take

his regular comfortable seat

at the back of the library.

Sometimes he would read

other times he would think.

A couple of times he asked me

to find the pretty person

who had promised

to tuck him in.

(Once he had gotten

his good night kiss

he was off

in la la land.)

When i saw him

in the mornings

i would help him up.

He had a fractured spine,

sore knees, diabetes

and problably more...

but it was near impossible

to get him to leave "Occupy."

Being oppressed

and witnessing

first hand

the brutality

of the police


his already



Rest in Peace Ricky.

P.S. Nice work on "Occupy the Vatican".