Runaway Horses

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The Second Book of Yukio Mishima's Sea of Fertility Tetralogy.

It is approximately twenty years since the tragic death of Kiyoaki Matsugae, detailed in the first novel of the series (Spring Snow), and his friend Shigekuni Honda has been leading his life as a lawyer. But suddenly the haunting memories of Kiyoaki come back to him, though he knew they would never leave, as Honda meets the hard-edged and focused Isao Iinuma, a twenty year old boy who is remarkably skilled in sport. Honda is convinced that Isao is the transmigrated Kiyoaki, due to him having a similar pattern of birthmarks on his chest. Honda is almost frightened of Isao, for there is nothing more pertinent on the boy's mind then the assassination of Japan's most gluttonous capitalists, the ones who are exploiting the people. Honda is worried that Isao is walking down a path where he will have a premature and splendid death, and Honda feels himself wanting to save him, for he could not save Kiyoaki his demise. But there seems to be nothing to deter the boy from realizing the ambitions he has. Isao has the greatest respects for honour and for traditional samurai ways, and he despises the shameful way that the capitalists conduct themselves; and he idolizes those gallant men from beforetimes who would not hesitate to destroy the destroyers, and then off themselves afterwords, their life having served their purposes. This series is something you surely don't want to miss out on. Runaway Horses.JPG