Reason and Nature: An Essay on the Meaning of Scientific Method

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Thew appearance of this book in 1931 marked a milestone in the history of American philosophic thought, offering a forthright and incisive analysis of a current state of philosophy in the light of a current state of science.

Using illustrations from every day life and avoiding technical jargon Morris R. Cohen begins with a discussion of the 'rivals' of reason. He then turns to the basic question of how we know, examining the relationship between reason and scientific method, with a chapter on the metaphysics of reason and scientific method, and section on the underlying principle of polarity. Next Cohn looks at the role reason plays in the natural sciences and in pure and applied mathmatics and offers a consideration of pyschology as a natural science. Finally the relationship between reason and social science and natural science, history and social values, natural rights and positive law, and science and ethics are explained.

Hopefully the book is better written than the blurb on the back cover which i just typed.