Reason, Revolution and Faith

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The book Reason Faith and Revolution is written not as an apology but as a resignation.

He argues that a belief in science requires a belief in the notion that human beings no fuck all about fuck all.

Now i sit in one of the most beautiful cities in the world in one of the most expensive areas drinking good coffee in a French restaurant outside on the corner of 41st and Kerisdale. Pause this cannot be true but i won't get into that.

As the Israeli's argue now has never been a better time to be a Jew.

Now of course i have heard the term wandering jew and i believe Shakespeare used the term shylock. Supposedly they haven't had a home in a long time and now that they have Israel they are just so happy being the Palestinians executioners. We all know Gaza us a prison camp. A poor Jew lives better than a rich Palestinian is not quite right but 99.8 per cent true.

Palestinians work for Israeli's just like a millennial will do anything for a job in this gig economy.

Monetize you house, your car, your body and your mind.

Everything is money as the solid dissolves into light.

"Our tolerance is part of what makes Britain Britain so conform or don't come here." Tony Blair

As Pascal writes the Saints maintain we must love things before we can know them--

presumably because only through our attraction to them can we know them.

Air B and B, Uber, market dating, Internet usage all reflect badly on any sort of meditation as they only thing you are having a relationship with is money. Mediated by money.

The only refuge is the family but i am on the wrong page.

Here is sit in Kerrisdale under a heat lamp, energy so cheap i feel like i am in the tropics with the sun burning the back of my exposed neck when really take away the concrete city and i am still in a rain forest far away from the bustling crowds. 41st St is partly busy because it is a through fare to UBC where if fumbled and bumbled my way to a university degree in the the 1990's. Yes that was close to thirty years ago and still i fumble and bumble my way though but to what i am completely unsure.

The energy is too cheap and not properly priced into the economy for anything past the momentary pleasure of now.

Disrupt the energy lines is of course how we go.

NWA guys sees the ding dongs Partying in the desert and says We can make money here

The Ding Dongs agree and call Elon Musk

Dissident Voice-throw one for the cheap seats

--Wild and Domestic---Public and Private---Nature and Culture--

Bill Gates is a fucker along the lines of King Leopold. Whoa that's a little strong.

Here me out. Gates says he's trying to fight poverty while the only thing stopping people from Africa from accessing drugs to help with their AIDS predicament is intellectual property rights which ensure he and Belinda stay rich rich. Ask your friend you don't have about intellectual property rights and he'll explain it simply but the crux of the matter is the drugs re available but 23,000,000 people in the mother land can't afford it.

Bill says this is terrible and offers to buy drugs for a million people over a number of years spending six billion dollars which is about 2% of his net worth.

A bullet is too good for him use the knife.

Saddam Hussein that is.

Yams, Potatoes, Beets, Brussel Sprouts, Garlic, Carrots, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Pears, Corn, Leeks, Awareness, Courage, Self Control, Justice, Contemplative practice and Compassion is what i grow in my garden.

We all need a little protection from protection.