Lazy Bastardism

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Written by a senior editor from Readers Digest, not exactly an ‘advante garde’ publication, but considered cutting edge in Montreal, Lazy Bastardism reports on the state of poetry in Canada. Carmine Starnino begins by describing Canadian poets as a bunch of emotionally disturbed illiterates who no one knows...

He also says Margaret Atwoods' poetry ain't as good as it once was... lol

As late stage capitalism wriggles into every nook and cranny of human relations even poetry is a money making endeavor.

Jail is where most Canadian poets belong, not because they have broken laws, but because they are wasting time with their infantile meanderings from privileged positions… Perhaps here they could learn the hard cold realities under which most of the world lives and write accordingly.

No one is interested in the suffering of those who have too much and care too little except like minded ghouls.