Impure, Reinventing the Word, Theory, practice and oral history of 'spoken word' in Montreal

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As taken from the preface:

The book's structure opens with a general overview of spoken word, followed by a commentary on the theoretiucal foundations of the medium. Next, we've supplied a section which outlines variuous artists practices, basically a how to "How-To guide" for creating a spoken word performance. Finally we've included a chronology of spoken word in Montreal, which runs form the sixties to the late nineties. Rather than a complete history, it is intended to give a sense of where various interviewees fit into the picture-thier particular contributions their understanding of the importance of their work, and their sense of gthe toime when they were active. We also think it's important for artists practising spoken word today to understand that this is an art form with deep roots in Montreal. There's alot to be learned from our collective history.

"I LOve To See Your Face When Your Sufferring" John Giorno

A gem of a book compiled by academics without pretense or meta commments...yes i know...more to come...