I am very hopeful

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I am very hopeful.

There has been much despair. Too often I have heard the words (and admit to saying): "Occupy Vancouver is dead." There is a truth to this - let us not deny. It is the fall - nay winter. The sun-soaked leaves of our favoured tree have withered or died: the GA, the encampment, the spokes council, many of the committees, workgroups, and so many of the hopes that sprung from the budding spirit that gave vibrancy to our courageous experiments. All life must pass. It seeds the way to something new. So let us

let go

As we die, let us nurture

Seedlings have sprung from our fallen attempts. Some have called them "splinters" - but let us tend with care. Our tattered tree births a bumbling forest! A newspaper, a library, many gatherings, protests, events, films and so much more. A community remains. Diverse, conflicted, incoherent - but it exists. Let us look to this forest, and nurture each tree (wherever it lies). Never forgetting that we exist. Never forgetting that we exist for each other.

We can, we will, we must, grow!

you see

If we deny our difference we are barren.

Our spirit is the mixing wind.

Here we are.

Seeds - scattered - sometimes far apart.

Let us look to our death.

Let us look closely.

Let's look with care.

What did I tend to?



and how?

Where was I blind?

Who did I kill?

For kill - I did.

How did I - destroy the whole?

What gave me hope? What gave me life?

Which detail moved me?

Where found I courage?



What doomed me to despair?

What propelled me to try again?

Here are the seeds. In death grows the forest.