Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984 Volume 3 "POWER"

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edited by Paul Rabinow..."What shines through in these peices is Foucaults remarkable liveliness of response, the extravagance of his curiousity, the originality and assurance of his formulations."

A reform is never anything but the outcome of the a process in which there is conflict, confrontation, struggle, resistance...

My optimism would consist rather in saying, "So many things can be changed, being as fragile as they are, tied more to contingencies than to necessities, more to what is arbitrary that to what is rationally established, more to complex but transitory historical contingencies than to inevitable anthropological know to say that we are more recent than we thought is not a way of bringing the whole weight of our history down on our shoulders. Rather it is to make available for the work that we can do on ourselves the largest possible share of what is presented to us as inaccessible.