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It is an April day in the year 2000 and an era is about to end--those booming times of market optomism when the culture boiled with money and corporationsw seemed more vital and influential than governments.

Eric Packer, a billionaire asset manager at age twenty eight emerges from his penthouse triplex and settles into hisa lavishly customized white stretch limosine. On this day he is aman with two missions: to pursue a cataclysmic bet against the yen and get his haircut across town.

His jjourney to the barbershop is a contemporaryb odyssey, funny and fast moving. Stalled in traffic by a presidentioal motorcade, a music idols funeral aqnd a violent political demonstration, Eric recieves a string of vistors-his experts on security, technology, currency, finance and theory. Sometimes he leaves the car for a sexual encounter sometimes he doesn't have to.

...both intimate and global, a vivid AND moving account of a spectacular downfall.