Awake! Awake!

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It's really quite easy to break the state of sleazy control-just get up and walk away

Break, break

from the theocracy that thieves you of this glorious day

the thesis that keeps us weak as a meek mindnumbed mass, kissing the asses of a crookedly

constructed upper class,

ceaselessly searching for the lookingglass which we fell through

where it's all a game. insane.

and we just want to go home. home.

that instinct within us we always hone in on but can't seem to find

we've been looking and looking,

but it's right here, where it's been all the time.

He didn't believe it

he didn't even see it coming.

he was so focused on numbing his mind with

mad dash down brightly lit aisle,

filling his carts and drawers

and wardrobes and closets

with all this boring clothing and

dumpy diors and sick perfumes

and more more more and

he needed more room

in which to store

unused objects.

While more kids in the projects grew up with violence

and kids in Africa didn't grow up at all.

We're here to adhere to a hearing of each other

so come join us and follow, suits you too!

O, it's been hollow inside... it's not callow, we're strong!

so swallow your pride and come join us in song

and we'll dance and we'll jest

cause we all want the best,

we've got zip and some zest

and the time to invest and

we quest for the courage to

come and encourage and nurture and

nourish and grow and flourish and growl and kiss

and howl at this disemboweling system

that's twisting our wrists.

and we're all sick of this, and so

listen to wisdom and what's in your gut

come on everybody, get out of your rut!

Cold towers darken the sky

we're reaching for the sun,

burning our wings, like Icarus

fauna and flowers perish and die,

purchasing extinction, buying more things


A distinction must exist between the value of a golden ring

and a living thing

an inclination must persist

to preserve and not profligate

to conserve and not fill our plates

with perniciously produced products.

let's prolifically reduce

how much we use

and end this oddest desire

to waste and expire

the races that cry for

places to lie in and not

to die in.

for in the end, submitting to sin is so gutless and out,

and learning to love is what life's about.

What passions and ceremonies are bred from the voice of ethereal nature?

what beauties of custom are created as souls cede to the whim of a wistful spirit?

we intuit it in our fibre, pulled onwards together, forever

we express our dedication to a divine diety

we respect her revelations placed timely in our society

we caress and embrace to progress the races, basking in sage and sacred stars.

There are some people who doubt this,

generally those who by no fault of their own are mired in misinformation

but commitment to change is instant, all it takes is the tug of a tender string.

It takes a small act of compassion to induce a reaction.

you must demand dialogue

you must draw it out of people, like stones bleed.

stones do bleed

the earth bleeds

she's dying.

A fevered belief is nascent

where humanity is not adjacent to profit

No prophet here, for each and every one of us fights for each other.

we smother another with hugs and weed smoke

and we hope to provoke the joke which has yoked us, broke us, indebted us eternally,

and we all feel this internally, an infernally spiraling helix of hell in our bellies

Noxious. Shit's fucked

watch this shift yup

as we dismantle a devious disease

and retract egregious greed from our consciousness. We're onto shit.