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Occupy Vancouver's Lovely Library sign hard at work.

Drop off and Donate at:

UBC Sprouts!Friday's (at the SUB)

Spartacus Books! (684 East Hastings Street)

Co-op Books! (1391 Commercial Drive)

Little Sisters !(1238 Davie Street)

J Peachy Art Gallery (at 1067 Granville St.)

Dharma Lab!!!! (1814 Pandora St. 2nd floor)

"You make it worth while, bibliophile!"- Shake-it-peers

Madrid rocking with the books!!

Book resistance736576 1.jpgBooks and police.jpg


Yo! Yo!

The "new barbarians" will shake the very foundations of the empire with a creativity of a new society in the makings. They are the new historical subjects, now emerging side by side with those, who in the bowels of the existing society, mobilize and struggle for a different social order.

In the Wake of the Affluent Society: An Exploration of Post Development p.123 by Serge Latouche a Brazilian Sociologist.


"…we had been so wiped out by our visions of love and universal truth that we were blinded to the real nature of the death culture and we just couldn’t believe it when Babylon refused to melt away in the face of the colossal wave of good feeling we had let loose on Amerika. …This wasn’t quite what we expected, and it knocked most of us right off our feet, and we still haven’t recovered from the shock of finding out that the world wasn’t going to change just because that was the best thing for it."

~ John Sinclair, “Liberation Music,” June-July 1970 as quoted from the Occupy Wall Street Library.



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