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== Mobile & Outdoor Branches ==
== Mobile & Outdoor Branches ==
=== Vancouver Art Gallery ===
If you wrote an article about life we'd all reach enilghtenemnt.
The Vancover Art Gallery is where our lovely library was born.  See us occasionally before and after [http://www.occupyvancouver.com Occupy Vancouver] General Assemblies.  Currently these are held evenings at 7pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
=== Around town ===
=== Around town ===

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The people's lovely library is busy manoeuvring its octopus-like arms into every niggled nook in this pre-occupied city. Watch out! (We may well end up tickling your fancy in a neighbourhood near you.)

You may drop off your books at any of our barnacled branches.

Mobile & Outdoor Branches

If you wrote an article about life we'd all reach enilghtenemnt.

Around town

We have been known to set up our mobile library in unusual places. See us occasionally at demonstrations, events, or ????.

Indoor & Immobile Branches

Dharma Lab

Dharma Lab

The Dharma Lab, 
1814 Pandora St. 2nd floor

Rhizome Cafe

We will soon be opening a branch at Rhizome Cafe, please stay tuned!

Book Drop Off Spots

A few of this city's best loved community bookstores have agreed to be book drop offs for us! Please feel free to drop off your books and donations here.

People's Coop Bookstore


People's Co-Op Books
1391 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC  V5L 3X5

Spartacus Books


684 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, BC
V6A 1R1

Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium


1238 Davie Street  Vancouver, BC V6E 1N3
(604) 669-1753