Vancouver Dialogues: First Nations, Urban Aboriginal and Immigrant Communities

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Between January 2010 and July 2011 the City of Vancouver and community partners convened a project called 'Dialogues Between First Nations, Urban Aboriginals and Immigrant Communities' in Vancouvour. The project aimed to increase understanding and strfenghthen relations among the city's aboriginal and new comer/non-aboriginal communities.

More than two thousand people participated in the process, which included Dialogue Circles, Cultural Exchange visits, Elder and youth conversations, a web survey, a literature scan, a Photovoice project and interviews. Common themes emerged from this community based participatory process. This book recordss the journey and it's findings. It represents a first step in a continuing process of dialogues.

By supporting community alliances the Dilaogues preoject worked towards building stronger soicial cohesion and community enegagement and welcomign and inclusive Vancouver for all.

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