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'The Donald' said "Freddy wasn't a killer, I was." Freddy was his older brother, best man, at his first wedding, who drank til death or so the story goes.

                                 Word Play: suicide     ends 'cide' which  is Latin                   for         1. cida "killer," 2. cidium "killing."

Vincent James Abramo, a guy from the neighborhood and that class, reminisced: I worked Monday through Friday in tandem with Freddy Jr. during the summer months of June July and August in the years 1957,58,59. We were on a a Fred C. Trump / William Tomasello Housing project known a Southridge Co-Op apartments at 98 St. Northern Blvd. in Jackson Heights / Corona Queens. He was a Trump. I am a Tomasello. My mother was Rose B. Tomasello, William’s sister. I, like Freddy, was also being groomed for the business. We were a team, always together, learning the business of building homes and doing all sorts of tasks. However I have a great many negative memories about those summers. Watching how Fred C. Trump Sr. treated Freddy was painful. All I can tell you is that Freddy Jr. who was at Lehigh University during that time did not have an alcohol problem. I NEVER smelled alcohol on his breath nor saw him drink when we were at work. The abuse he took from “dad” was a shame. Fred C. Trump always had something negative to say about everything Freddy did. Freddy was smart, polite,confident, resourceful, organized, dedicated to the work, and respectful… as well as very respected by the trades persons at the site. Freddy was a talent that I looked up to during those summer months when I was in high school. Freddy would have made a good business person if his 'dad' would just have been less critical and more generous with praise. If you have further inquires:

Vincent James Abramo Arlington Va.

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