Trump: We Love You

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I was fucking this chick up the ass

When she asked if i thought

Donald Trump was authoritarian.

I was a little surprised and lost my groove.

I concentrated hard and recalled

Well he did say he could grab

                                                                                                                                                                                         Women by the that he was famous

As i reached around and grabbed hers'.

His wife is a high priced hooker

And his father was a slum landlord

Rich in New York where he could do as he pleased.

Slum landlord Fathers generally

Don't score high

On the empathy scale

And hookers are good

But they're generally not real emotional.

You know that whole love and money thing

So I would conclude his lack of emoptionally fulfilling relationships would render him susceptible to authoritarian tendencies

I paused at the levity of what i had just said

And went back to loving.

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