A Stain Upon the Sea,West Coast Salmon Farming

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Stephen Eaton Hume; Alexandra Morton; Betty C Keller; Rosella M. Leslie; Otto Langer; Don Staniford,,Paperback,,,Harbour Publishing,,,January 1, 2005,1-55017-317-0,,288,,English,,Conservation of the environment; Local history; Salmon farming; Fisheries & Aquaculture; Nature; Nature/Ecology; British Columbia; Environmental Conservation & Protection - General; Fish; Cultural Region/West Coast; Nature / Fish; Nature/Environmental Conservation & Protection - General; Science / General; Technology/Fisheries & Aquaculture; Topical/Ecology,,,,,,,,,f906f99459a0c072d852d0fcb90def2c.jpeg,,10,2012-03-02,2012-03-02,,]]

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